Last Updated Feb 14TH 2018

Kigso takes your privacy seriously, the following will clearly explain our Privacy Policy, addressing issues such as what information we store and how your information is treated once you become a user of Kigso. You should read through this policy before you participate with Kigso, any use of Kigso including creating an account signifies your acceptance of our Privacy Policy along with our Terms & Conditions. We recommend that you periodically review this page as any amendments to our policy will be posted here and as a user of Kigso you accept that it is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with our most current policies. Continued use of our site constitutes your agreement to any changes posted within our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms & Conditions.

What personally identifiable information do you collect?

In order for you participate with Kigso you must enter an email address and password on the create account page/form. This information will allow us to create your Kigso account. Your account will be linked to any games that you have redeemed, the redemption codes that you have redeemed, when those redemption codes were redeemed and your IP number along with the country where you were located when you redeemed the code. Your account will also store your IP number which will also be used to define your country. We will also store the type of device you are using, the type of browser and operating system you are using, this information helps us test and ensure compatibility with different devices/browsers, this information may also be used to target advertisements for free installs and offers from third parties. Redemption codes linked to your account will also enable us to relate back to where you obtained the redemption code, for example the particular retailer. Information inside your browser will also help us determine and store which type of operating system you are using, such as Android or iOS and also the type of device such as phone or tablet.

What personally identifiable information is disclosed to third parties?

Kigso does not disclose your information to any 3rd parties, unless legally required to do so by an appropriate court order and/or to assist us in any potential fraud detection/protection.

How secure is my personally identifiable information?

Kigso will ensure that your information is treated in the accordance with this Privacy Policy, however due to the nature of the Internet it is not possible to guarantee that your data transmission is totally secure. We are unable to fully guarantee the security of any data transmitted between our sites, or stored in our databases, web site or cookies, use of Kigso and any of its related services is entirely at your own risk.

What happens if you click on or visit a link that takes you to a 3rd party web site/market place?

Should you click on a link to any of our advertisers/partners you will be redirected to a 3rd party website/market place which is not part of the Kigso web site. Kigso cannot be held responsible for these 3rd party web sites/market places, who may request further information from you, access to further information (such as asking you to grant permissions within an app you download), possibly including a request for you to make an in-app purchase from them. These are independent web sites/apps, we suggest you read all of their policies. When you click on a link we will create a unique identifier which we will record in the Kigso database which links you have clicked on, your IP number and country at the time. This unique identifier may be passed to our advertiser who will in turn return this value to us so that we can record the activity, for example to confirm that you downloaded an application such as a free game, the advertiser will not be able to personally identify you from this unique number. If you click on a link to a web site or app also owned by Aspire Communication Services, LLC the same requirements above may still be applicable.

How are cookies used?

Cookies are small text files that allow us to store information on the computer/device that you are using so that we may pass information which we already hold in our database to different parts of our site. These cookies are typically used for storing which server to direct you to, your country, the browser you are using, the operating system and type of device you are using, the game compilations/games that you are authorized to play, informational messages which are passed from page to page and are displayed to you, authorization values to allow us to automatically log you back into our site when your session with our server has expired. We only retrieve information that was originally stored in the cookie by us, these cookies cannot be used to retrieve information from anywhere else on your computer/device. Our site will not function correctly without the use of the cookies and therefore you must accept these in order to utilize our services. Some of the 3rd party merchant websites/market places may also utilize cookies, we recommend you check their policies to understand what they store and how they use that information.

Your privacy vs Compliance with Law

Kigso may disclose your personally identifiable information, server log files and any other information relating to your account and activity on Kigso if we believe in good faith that we are required to do so in order to comply with applicable law, a subpoena, or other legal process. Kigso may also disclose information when we have reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be violating any policies, or to protect the safety of our users and/or the general public. In addition, Kigso may disclose or access personally identifiable information for administrative purposes; in the context of a sale of the site, the assets or a portion of the assets of Aspire Communication Services, LLC, or for other purposes that we believe are necessary to develop, maintain and improve our products and services.

What if I have a question about your policies?

If you have any questions about any of our policies please feel to contact us by selecting 'Contact' on the Kigso web site and completing the form. You should not purchase any Kigso products or continue to use our site or services if you disagree with any of our policies, find them to be unclear or questionable to you. if you are not a current user of our site/services, we ask that you do not create an account until you are in full agreement with both our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Server Log Files

Our servers may at some time collect information sent from your browser/ISP, such as IP number, the version of browser, and any other standard information which is sent along with browser requests. This information will be used to help us in the continued development of our web site to allow us to avoid incompatibilities within our code with various browsers. It may also be used to generate reports to allow us to produce demographics, allow us to analyze trends and also assist us in fraud prevention.