Kigso Games

Blackjack Pro

Based on the classic game. Try and beat the dealer

Blob it up

Use your blob to build your tower piece by piece

Bouncing Caveman

Throw the caveman as far as possible and chase the mammoth!

Bubble Cannon

Help the professor match the bubbles


Build the perfect burger for your hungry customers

Combat Shooter

Shoot the enemies while collecting keys & points to complete levels

Cowboys vs Zombies

Kill zombies with your shotgun & special skills

Cube Connect

Match as many cubes are you can together to win time and points

Duck Shoot

A traditional fun fairground game, shoot as many ducks as you can

Festive Find

Match holiday cards to complete each level

Fish Frenzy

Use the trampoline to bounce and capture the fish

Fishing Fever

Cast your fishing line to hook as many fish as you can

Flower Frenzy

Connect the flowers in this fun flowery puzzle

Frog Bubble Match

Help the frog match all the bubbles

Galactic Pinball

Enter the Galaxy for this amazing space based 3D pinball

Greedy Pig

Get the coins to the PiggyBank by cutting the ropes!

Holiday Match 3

Switch and match holiday icons to gain points

Hungry Shark

Help the shark collect fish, stars, life, super features

Hungry Snake

Capture the fruit while pesky snakes try to kill you!

Hungry Squirrel

Help the squirrel gather and store the acorns

Jelly Jibe

Match the jellies by switching them around

Knight Hero

Find all coins & jewels, defeat the enemy

Manic Moles

Hit as many moles as you can in 60 seconds!

Merry Match

Clear the grid by matching holiday icons to win each level

Microbe Mania

Claim the screen while viruses try to destroy you & your lines

Mine Challenge

Move the carts around to get the gold out of the mine

Mine Grab

Grab precious stones, gold, silver, beware of explosive barrels

Monkey Jump

Jump from level to level. Collect as many bananas as you can

Naval Attack

Hit all of your enemies ships to lead your fleet to the victory!

Nugget Miner

Dig your way through the mine to collect golden nuggets


Guide the squirrel and help him collect acorns

Panda in Winterland

Help panda through the Winterland obstacles

Parking Pro

Test your skills by parking in increasingly difficult spaces

Pirates Gold

Collect all the gold coins while avoiding enemies

Pizza Time

Build the perfect pizza for your hungry customers

Planet Match

Match the planets to gain time and points

Playful Kitten

Help the cute kitten capture the balls of wool

Ricochet Squirrel

Smash the bricks and collect the acorns

River Crossing

Solve the riddles to get the raft across the river

Roulette Royale Deluxe

Place your bets and spin the roulette wheel

Santa Smash

Help Santa match the balls to break up the chain!

Serpents and Ladders

100 squares full of traps & tricks, roll the dice & try your luck!

Soap Ball Shooter

Use the cannon to pop the balls. Look out for special balls

Soda Factory

Rotate straws to connect the soda tank to fill your bottle with soda

Sugar Rush

Jump your way to the end of the levels using the spinning candies

Sumo Challenge

Jump from pillar to pillar. See how high you can reach

Super Bingo

Buy your cards, make your bet and...Bingo!

Super Brick Out

Destroy all the bricks and collect special power bricks

Sweetie Match

Match at least 3 sweeties to gain points

Sweetie Memory Match

Find matching pairs of cards to complete each level

Trouble Trail

Construct bridges to cross the treacherous terrain!

Viking Attack

Fly the dragon through the dark forest filled with goblins & mutants

Winter Boy

Guide Winter Boy through the snow-covered terrain

Winter Pop

Use the canon to match the holiday bubbles and make them pop!

Worm Attack

Chomp through the ground to defeat the army

Zombie Attack

Kill the zombies which come at you from all sides!

Zombie Destroyer

Destroy the zombies with direct, trick shots and dropping objects on them!